Shipment due Covid-19 Pandemic Status in Indonesia

We all know that this pandemic is not over. I'm sorry that lately all delivery has been interrupted and late.

So from that I made a new policy for the next delivery, which I actually started from last month. This policy will continue until an unspecified time until further news is received from the Indonesian Post office.

Currently the Indonesian Post office as an international shipping service provider is still implementing Pandemic status. This causes some of the delivery services they offer to be unavailable / closed until an uncertain time limit.
The services that are not available are:
> Registered Mail (this service is what I usually use)
> Postage stamps

and services that are only open / available are EMS (Express Mail Service) and Export Services (especially for packages over 10kg). And there was a cost adjustment at the Indonesian Post office.

Therefore, I am currently adjusting the delivery services available by the Indonesian Post office. I'm changing my multiple delivery service at this point.

So, for now I use the services of my partner in America as a forwarder to send and forward to all of you around the world. Therefore I am currently unable to provide a tracking number for your order.

Therefore, the costs listed in my shop are the costs that have been updated according to the costs from Pos Indonesia without a tracking number. Maybe for some of you it feels very expensive. The reason is because I live far away from you, namely Indonesia. But I do my best to keep international shipping costs competitive.

Then, how do I process your order?
I will explain below.

1. Every order that comes in I will immediately process and prepare it. But I will collect them all for 2 weeks.
2. After all the orders that come in for 2 weeks, I will send it to my partner in America in 1 package.
3. When the package arrives. My partner will sort all shipments and will make deliveries using local couriers available there.

I do this to reduce the cost of dispensing an uncertain shipment from the Indonesian Post office.
I apologize for the inconvenience. But I hope you can understand. I am very grateful for those of you who have always supported me until now. I hope this can all end soon and return to normal.


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